Custom, Hand Drawn Artwork of your beloved Pet.

Welcome to the world of timeless Artistry, where your cherished pets come to life through the skilled hands of experienced pet artist, Ray Rosales. 

With a Deep Understanding of the Profound Bond between Humans and their Pets.

My passion lies in creating Exquisitely Detailed and heartfelt Pet Portrait Drawings that capture the very essence of your beloved companions, both living and past. 

Loved & Trusted by Our Customer Reviews.

In Honor of Brewster!

"Dearest Ray,

Once again wanted to thank you for the most beautiful capture of my beloved chihuahua Brewster. 

I will cherish it forever  ❤️❤️❤️!"

– Liliana P.

In Memory of Chewy!

"I can't begin to say how amazing the drawing came out of Chewy. It looks so real, and you were able to capture all of the details.

I love it and will display it proudly to remember my best friend. Great job Ray. Thank you so much!"

– Nathan M.

In Memory of Tigger!

"First of all words can't express how I felt when my husband surprised me with a drawing of Tigger, a cat that I had for 20 years that passed away on Thanksgiving morning of last year. 

It was really hard to  find a way to remember him and my husband drew one of my favorite pictures of Tigger and it brought tears of joy and of sadness.

 But now I look at that drawing and it's so unique, he captured him the way I remember him the best. Best Gift Ever!"

– Trish R.

Buddy, Stretch & Oscar!

Wow! This gift from Ray and Trisha is so amazing. I am so over whelmed with joy, every time I look this beautiful piece of art my heart swells. 

These three boys brought so much love into my life, and now I can see their faces each and every day. Ray is a talented artist and has captured my boys perfectly.  Thank you, Ray Rosales.

Alexa L.

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